FYI: Mnemba Island

Tucked away on the Indian Ocean off the northeast coast of Zanzibar Island, is this smaller island by the name of Mnemba. It is an absolutely spectacular island that has an extremely posh resort…which of course we did not stay at!

We took an authentic Zanzibarian dhow with some other people to do some nearby snorkelling or scuba […]

FYI: Tanzanian Maasai

We didn’tt really expect to see Maasai walking down the beach when we were visiting the north and east coasts of Zanzibar, but we did!


The Maasai are an indigenous African ethnic group of semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania.  They are really a fascinating tribe and we encourage you to read more […]

FYI: Forodhani Delicacies and Grills

Smack dab on the waterfront in the world heritage city of Stonetown Zanzibar is this historic park that comes to life at night. Vendors set up their stalls and for less than $1USD you can order skewers of shrimp, tuna, mussels, that they will grill for you. Chipatis, French fries, Rice, Salad… You name it, they probably […]

FYI: Tipu Tip’s House

Tipu Tip. Sounds like a new game from Milton Bradley eh? (Does Milton Bradley still exist?)

Tipu Tip is no game. In fact he was a trader who plied his trade for many years during the mid 19th century across the East African mainland. He specialized in ivory and slaves.

Tipu became very wealthy and lived to around […]

FYI: Red Colobus Monkeys

While driving through one of the parks on the island of Zanzibar, we noted some monkeys crossing the road. But not just ANY monkeys! These are Red Colobus Monkeys, and are endemic to the island.

As we drove past, the tree was teeming with monkeys, and the driver had to stop the car as they jumped one […]

December 19th: If it Smells, Feels, and Looks Like Corruption…

…then it has to be corruption!!!

We are constantly amazed at the amount and different ways that systems (and people) here are corrupt.  And it isn’t like they are trying to hide it when they do/try it!


When driving from the Zanzibar airport to our hut, our taxi had to stop at a total of 5 police […]

Zanzibar: Spice Farm Tour

The history of Zanzibar would be incomplete without the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices which brought the Sultans of Oman and the beginnings of the infamous slave trade.


Zanzibar: Slave Trade / Chambers

Stone Town of Zanzibar (Tanzania) is a certified heritage site by UNESCO.

For many centuries there was intense seaborne trading activity between Asia and Africa, and this is illustrated in an exceptional manner by the architecture and urban structure of the Stone Town. Zanzibar has great symbolic importance in the suppression of slavery, since it was one […]

Zanzibar: Stone Town Doors

Stone Town is the oldest city and cultural heart of Zanzibar, and tour guides/books will tell you that little has changed in the last 200 years.

It is a place of winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques and grand Arab houses whose original owners competed with each other over the extravagance of their dwellings.


This is particularly reflected […]