FYI: Pinball Football

We saw this group of kids playing football (soccer) in some tall grass down by the Epulu river. What made it fun to watch was the numerous trees scattered all over the ‘pitch’, and how they could never anticipate how the ball would bounce after it hit one of these obstacles.

These kids couldn’t care less […]

February 23rd: Taking time for tea

It’s really special when you get to meet some of the Congolese families we work alongside. In Mambasa, we got to know the depot manager a bit better, and he invited us to his home that was situated not too far from the missionary home we were staying at.

Detienne and his wife Amoti have four […]

FYI: Congolese Pygmies

The term Pygmy refers to a member of any human group where the adult males grow to less than 150 cms (or 4 feet 11 inches) in average height. There are Pygmies throughout the world, however the best known Pygmies are found in Africa.

While trekking through the Ituri rainforest, we came across a Pygmy village, […]

February 23rd: OK Okapi!

What do you get when you mix a giraffe, horse, donkey and zebra together? You get a beautiful elegant mammal called an Okapi that is native to the Ituri rainforest in the N.E. DRC.

Actually, the Okapi is most closely related to the giraffe except that their necks are much shorter. They have large ears that […]

FYI: Epulu / WCS - ICCN

Wayyy back in August 2008 we posted an article regarding being ’stuck in Epulu’ due to inclement weather conditions. We vowed then to return one day to Epulu, and we did (Feb 22-24 ‘09). 

Ellen Brown was on our flight back in August and is the director at the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society). She took the time to […]

February 22nd: Rain Forest Rain!!

When you look across the lush green valleys of the region of the DRC we serve in, you can’t help but realize how beautiful it is, and also how different it is from Canada. There are volcanoes, lakes, mountains, rivers, savannahs, rain forests, and rich soil for planting various types of vegetables or fruits.

Speaking of rivers, the […]

February 20th-21st: Capacity Building

It’s more than just coming to the Congo to ‘do a job’. It’s also to equip those we are working with so that when we leave, the skill set and experience will be a bit better than when we first arrived.

Computer lessons are expensive here in the Congo. In Mambasa, it is approx. $100 to […]

February 20th: Not Your Regular Run-Of-The-Mill Road-Trip…

Gerry has been to Mambasa a couple of times to work with the meds depot staff, however it is quite the lengthy trip. They’ve always used a MEDAIR vehicle, and this can take up to nine hours, as they by-pass the Ituri River bridge (out of commission for two years), go south to Beni, then head […]