March 20th: Border Bio Break

In some Latin American countries, you have to pay to use the washroom, especially if it’s a public washroom. If you want toilet paper, that will run you extra.

At the Costa Rican border returning from Nicaragua, we were all politely lined up to use the facilities when this young man came around asking for the […]

March 19th: Sound Advice

Even though Granada is a popular tourist destination, it does not mean that you are not confronted with the reality of poverty and a person’s physical and emotional needs on a daily basis.

There are many homeless people begging for money or food, young and old. It is guaranteed that you will be asked to donate […]

FYI: Just Like ‘Home’

At times we ask ourselves, where exactly is ‘home’ anyway? Home for us the past 3 years is wherever we have been living, be it Canada, the Congo, or Costa Rica.

Imagine our reactions when we saw THIS building from the public bus on the way to Masaya from Granada.


Is there a Tim Horton’s drive thru as […]

March 18th: Bonding 101

The main street leading from our hotel to the main plaza livens up every evening. Restaurants roll out tables and chairs, offering nightly specials to entice the tourists strolling along the cobblestone road. Street vendors and performers show off their stuff, be it traditional dancers or break dancers, traditional musicians, etc.

Supper was oh so yummy, […]

March 18th: Mercardo de Artesanias - Masaya

Masaya is known as “The Cradle of Nicaraguan Folklore” and is the very heart of Nicaraguan handicrafts. There are two main markets in town, one located near the central bus station, which we bypassed, and the Mercardo de Artesanias (Craft Market) which we visited.

The first market is quite diverse, and serves different/numerous needs. You can buy […]

March 18th: Granada Sights

In no particular order, here are some of the highlights from our short but incredible visit:

La Iglesia de Guadelupe

Founded in 1624-1626, its location was in a strategic position near the lakefront. For this reason it was sacked and destroyed numerous times by pirates and such. It has been rebuilt many times with different styles of architecture, and […]

March 18th: Gran Sultana del Gran Lago

Granada city is NOT indicative of the true state of the Nica population who live in various states of poverty.

Granada is commonly nicknamed the ‘Gran Sultana del Gran Lago’ (Great Sultan of the Great Lake). It is situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Nicaragua (the world’s 20th largest lake), which is about half the size […]

March 17th: Visa Renewal Trip To Nicaragua

We have much to share about this renewal paseo, so hang on tight!

51 students crowded aboard a bus to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Granada Nicaragua for 3 days. We left at 2pm, and safely arrived in Granada just after midnight. Over 8 hours was spent on the bus, so obviously people were […]