FYI: Juke Box Heroes…

Back in ‘da day, there were juke boxes. They’d play 45s. Sometimes the quality of the sound was awful (scratchy) or perhaps the speakers would be shot.

This was NOT the case in Mexico as we renewed our tourist visas recently. Check out the nifty juke box below:

This type of juke box holds over 2,000 CDs. […]

Mexico - Coyoacán / Frida Kahlo Museum

The renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s family home, the Casa Azul, or “Blue House” is where she grew up, and where she returned in her final years. Built in 1907 by Frida’s father, Guillermo Kahlo, the house was home to the Kahlo family and also served to house Leon Trotsky when he […]

Mexico - Torre Latinoamericana

Built between 1948 and 1956, the Latin American Tower, with 44 floors, was for many years the highest building in Mexico City. While it was being built, many people felt that a tower of that height would not be able to withstand Mexico City’s frequent earthquakes, however this was put to […]

Mexico - Zócalo

Mexico City is built on top of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. In the South East corner of the Zocalo is the spot where Hernan Cortes is said to have met Moctezuma, the Aztec emperor, in 1519. After the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs, Cortes had the colonial town plan traced according to Spanish tradition, […]

Mexico - Bodegas de Atizapán de Zaragoza

Most markets in Latin America are super busy. We’ve visited some that were massive (Chichicastenango), and some that are local markets (fruit, vegetables, some other items, etc.).

NEVER have we experienced a market like the Bodegas de Atizapan de Zaragoza and to boot…it was Christmas Eve. EEP!

Vendors are everywhere and shoppers are everywhere. Despite the variety […]

Mexico - Tepotzotlán

This was a nice surprise side trip that the Henrys took us on. This city is located 115 km northeast of Mexico City. In Aztec times the area was the center of dominion that negotiated to keep most of its independence in return with being allied with the Aztec Triple Alliance. Later the town became […]

Mexico - Foodie Fans Unite!!!…

Having both worked in the food industry for many years, we enjoy trying different foods. Sometimes we shy away from specific items, but for the most part we are brave enough to check it out…and have not been disappointed!

Christmas cookies anyone??? Some are made with breakfast cereal (what!?!) and are very colorful to say the […]

Mexico - Lakatos Family

When we studied Spanish in Costa Rica for 8 months, Gerry was in a small men’s accountability group that met almost every week. Nick and Gerry became good friends throughout that experience, and we were able to form a good relationship with the Lakatos as a result. (It did not hurt to have Nick’s wife […]

Mexico - New Calling…?

Since his childhood, Gerry has enjoyed wrestling. Especially the good old days of the AWA and Verne Gagne, The Crusher, Baron Von Rashke, Mad Dog Vachon, etc.

Imagine his reaction when he saw a luchador mask that was PERFECT for him. He wanted to buy a dozen of them.

After he posted this photo on his Facebook […]

Mexico - Shoe Shine

In Guatemala there are shoe shine boys/men everywhere. They do a pretty decent job for a low price.

In Mexico, there are shoe shine booths that are quite interesting.

They were available pretty well everywhere we traveled and were buuuussssy!  Too bad Gerry was wearing sandals most of the time as he would have liked to try […]