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November 29th: CCK Kololo

For newcomers to a city or town, it is difficult to ‘settle in’ and find a home church. This can be difficult for ANYONE never mind newcomers! We have been very fortunate that the churches we attended in both Bunia and Kampala were very welcoming, doctrinally sound, with some great spiritual and worship leaders.In Kampala, [...]

FYI: Poised to Corner The Market…

In Uganda, or the Congo for that matter, the cell phone ‘plans’ are quite different from what we are used to in North America. Instead of having contracts or agreements, you purchase your phone, preferably from a reliable and trustworthy dealer, and then you purchase your ‘air time’ through these tickets that everyone and his [...]

November 28th: Monkey see, Monkey Zoo.

We haven’t spent much time exploring Entbee (about an hour outside of Kampala city) so we thought we would take advantage of the national holiday and visit this beautiful place with our dear friends. We decided to take their kids to the “Entebbe Zoo” to view the animals that were rescued from poachers, illegal traders [...]

FYI: Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Kampala doesn’t have many ‘tourist attractions’. And if they have any, they aren’t marketed very well making it quite difficult to locate. These botanical gradens are located near one of the NGOs we visited, and it was worth the effort in patience to find it.Established in 1901, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens are almost smack dab [...]

November 25th: I lift my eyes up

We started a serious of debriefing sessions while in Kampala. As a part of the reentry process, it is very healthy and wise to seek counsel in order to process the experiences, however challenging or difficult they may have been.

We met up with our counselor Theodore and had a great session. As we reflected [...]

November 25th: United Against What?

While driving through downtown Kampala today, in fact at one of the busiest (and CRAZIEST!) traffic corners, you can’t help but notice this massive banner that is quite sobering. It’s posted by a local organization that is dedicated to fighting CHILD SACRIFICE.

You are probably thinking: what in the world do you mean by child [...]

November 24th: It Was a Rainy Day In…

…no..not Pizzaville for all you Ontarians! In fact it wasn’t really rainy at all. It was just one of those days when you say – today is PIZZA DAY!

We know we know. We really have to get a life…

Down to the local supermarket we go to buy some ham and salami, and off [...]

November 24th: Mukisa Foundation

Stop # 3: The Mukisa Foundation. Founded in 2006, they educate and support families who have children with special needs. The project involves a home based outreach programme, physiotherapy, counselling, parent support groups, drop-in centre, day care, workshops & seminars, skills training, resource & information centre.

We met the foundation’s director Aleksandra, to learn [...]

November 23rd: Cherish

Cherish is located approximately 40 kms outside of Kampala on this wild and wacky dirt road on the way to the international airport. This village community provides family unit homes specifically for HIV/AIDS orphans.

We met with the country director Rachel, who just happens to be Canadian (woot woot!). She shared how Cherish is [...]

November 23rd: An Open Door

As we shared in our latest newsletter, we are exploring options and/or learning more about different aid organizations either in Africa, Europe, or North America.

Our first stop in Uganda was ‘An Open Door’. We met with the country director Bethann to review their operations, and to gain a better understanding of their key [...]