May 21st: Coming Home!!

After more than 260 website posts, 12 months, 44 new passport stamps and visas, and countless amazing experiences, we are now on our journey home!!

We are very thankful for the couple of days break in Greece while we are in transit through Europe and feel a bit refreshed to see you all again!

Continue to pray […]

May 21st: Man I Feel Like a Woman…

There are not too many beauty salons or spas to be pampered and prepped in Bunia. Come to think of it there are NONE.

Barb hasn’t had her hair cut since arriving in the Congo and the Ugandan country director’s wife (Lizzie) arranged an appointment with her hair-stylist to ‘prep up’ for our return to Canada.

The […]

FYI: Caught in The Act…

Our mamans make some very yummy desserts, enough to feed everyone at lunch and just a touch more to reheat later in the evening with our supper.

Well…most days there are leftovers for supper!


May 18th: Gety & Aveba Field Trip

One of the programs that MEDAIR manages is “VVS” or Victimes de Violences Sexuelle (Victims of Sexual Violence). Gerry went on a field trip with the MEDAIR medical supervisor responsible for this important project (Juhudi) in order to learn more about the programs he will be coordinating in year two.

As is always the case, hierarchy is […]

FYI: Brampton needs HELP!

OK.  So we are sitting around trying to convince our Swiss Miss teammate to visit Brampton in the future. 

BUT.. we have exhausted all sites, searching high and low for a decent representation of our home town.  

It is not just about city hall, the water tower, and the new soccer hall.  We do not have armed […]

FYI: English Lessons “Un Sur Un”

The English lessons have proven to be a huge success as the intermediate class has on average 8 students and the beginners class 20 students.

But one Saturday, the beginners class had one lonely student. (Everybody say awwww…)

Instead of cancelling the class it was decided to offer a one on one class if there was any […]

May 9th: No Key? No Problem!!!

Patience is a virtue anywhere but especially in a third world country where deadlines are rarely met, and advance notice for meetings or deliveries are non-existent.

On Saturday, the meds depot were advised that a partial load of meds was arriving from Goma. Quickly the directors secured casual labor to unload the truck but…the key to […]

FYI: Monkey Business & Shenanigans…

What to do what to do when you want to let your hair down in the Congo? Hmmm…not too many choices so you have to create your own fun. How about intercepting the waitress before she arrives with a plate of food for David, and add a little extra protein??

Hey - we’ve eaten caterpillars so this […]

May 7th: Buniopoly

David is quite the talented person. He plays a keyboard like nobody’s business, and is quite adept with a computer. One of his recent projects was creating a Monopoly board based on Bunia and the DRC.

Cyril, David, Barb and Gerry sat down to test drive this exciting new version of Monopoly. The verdict: what a […]

Dances With Devils: A Journalist’s Search for Truth by Jacques Pauw

Some journalists live on the edge. Then there are those who ARE the edge…!

This book details Jacques Pauw’s numerous experiences as he chases warlords, drug traffickers, child soldiers, etc. over a 15 year period.

Some of his adventures are quite spectacular, yet also sad as he exposes the many faces of injustice on the African continent. As a result, […]