July 27th: Little Rascal

It’s one thing to have a rodent traipsing across your living room floor, or to even see him try and eat your food off the dining room table, looking at you with massive contempt in his beady little eyes.  BUT… to have one scurry across your bedroom floor?!?

Gerry and David declared war on the rodent…That’s […]

July 27th: I Want The Truth!…YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Once again Karin and Gerry trudged off to the military justice court today thinking: is this the final time? The start time was supposed to be 10 am but in true Congolese tradition it was 11:30 when the tribunal panel finally showed.

It’s amazing how NO ONE turns off their cellphones during these proceedings. It would […]

July 26th: Incredibagel!!!!

If you haven’t heard the news…there are no Tim Horton’s drive-thrus in Bunia. OK OK make that there are no Tim Horton’s restaurants in the DRC PERIOD.

Barb needs her Timmie’s fix and thanks to some generous and thoughtful friends she still has lots of coffee:) The question is… what do you do about the lack of Boston […]

July 25th: Going With The Flow…

HEY! What’s up with the water supply lately? One minute we have water, the next minute not. One minute we have hot water, and the next minute…NOT!

This can be a shock to your system!

Imagine our surprise when discovered that the plumber came over to repair some of the problems but after he left, some of the […]

July 19th: Mexican and Mousse…

Once in a while, there are meals that are…well…just plain special. It could be because of the company at the table. It could be because of the food. It could be because of the occasion. Or everything combined!

Tonight, was Mexican night: tacos (soft and hard) were on the menu. Pretty well everyone pitched in to […]

July 24th: It’s Three Minutes to Wapner…

Cyril joined Karin and Gerry today as they returned to court for the conclusion of the trial for the four co-accused in the April invasion/robbery.

Going to court here is quite interesting. The prisoners all sit on one side of the room…with no handcuffs on, etc. They can smoke if they want to - if they have […]

July 17th: It’s Ten Minutes to Wapner…

Karin and Gerry represented the team at the tribunal that took place today for the four accused in the April 28th invasion/robbery. There was hope that today’s proceedings would result in a ruling, a ruling that would be just and fair, in order for the team to turn the page and put this incident behind […]

July 15th: Last Minute Invitations…

This week has been absolutely CRAZY!!! Visitors from HQ to assist us in our strategy planning sessions. Visitors from the Congolese government to review the health care system. This particular evening the team in Bunia were looking forward to an evening of worship led by our favorite German couple (OK they are the only German […]

July 16th: 7:30 AM - Minister of Health Presentation

Three implementing international NGOs presented their key learnings to the delegation today (MEDAIR, MALTESER, and MEMISA).


One of the officials was teasing Gerry that he did not know how to tie his ‘cravat’ properly. Just as a reminder, Gerry took this photo of Gerard, with the intent of setting a date for a lesson! […]

July 16th: 9:00 AM - Delegation Visit to the CADIMEBU

This delegation’s visit could not come at a better time. Two weeks ago an NGO representative spent two days at the CADIMEBU discussing needs and priorities. A revised skeleton business plan was drafted with the agreement to complete it by mid August and present it to potential donors as well as the Admin Council of […]