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October 23rd: Gamba M.A.D.D.

Twice a year, our home church in Canada (Heart Lake Baptist Church), organizes an initiative where the acronym is M.A.D.D. (Make A Difference Days). Over a two to three week period, the congregation has an opportunity to volunteer their time/services with various organizations or activities. These could include working in a soup kitchen, relational [...]

October 22nd: Soccer Ball Mania

When we recently returned to Bunia from Kampala, we brought the remainder of the soccer balls and skipping ropes that were given to us for distribution to the Congolese children. We weren’t quite sure to who we would distribute these balls to and when, but we knew that they would be given away!!!

We went [...]

October 17th: Walking May Be Hazardous to Your Health…

We always kid around about how crazy it is to drive around Kampala. In fact, none of us really like driving at night, but we do anyway. What else are you going to do? – Put your life in the hands of those wild and wooly matatu drivers? NO WAY!

But then we started to [...]

FYI: Mnemba Island

Tucked away on the Indian Ocean off the northeast coast of Zanzibar Island, is this smaller island by the name of Mnemba. It is an absolutely spectacular island that has an extremely posh resort…which of course we did not stay at!

We took an authentic Zanzibarian dhow with some other people to do some [...]

FYI: Tanzanian Maasai

We didn’tt really expect to see Maasai walking down the beach when we were visiting the north and east coasts of Zanzibar, but we did!

The Maasai are an indigenous African ethnic group of semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are really a fascinating tribe and we encourage you to [...]

FYI: Forodhani Delicacies and Grills

Smack dab on the waterfront in the world heritage city of Stonetown Zanzibar is this historic park that comes to life at night. Vendors set up their stalls and for less than $1USD you can order skewers of shrimp, tuna, mussels, that they will grill for you. Chipatis, French fries, Rice, Salad… You name it, [...]

FYI: Tipu Tip’s House

Tipu Tip. Sounds like a new game from Milton Bradley eh? (Does Milton Bradley still exist?)

Tipu Tip is no game. In fact he was a trader who plied his trade for many years during the mid 19th century across the East African mainland. He specialized in ivory and slaves.

Tipu became very wealthy [...]

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

This first writing effort from Frank McCourt ended up winning the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography.

It is a memoir of his childhood in both the U.S. (NYC/Brooklyn) and Ireland (Limerick). The writing style is quite unique as it is like listening to an Irish person talking. In other words, the language is [...]

FYI: Red Colobus Monkeys

While driving through one of the parks on the island of Zanzibar, we noted some monkeys crossing the road. But not just ANY monkeys! These are Red Colobus Monkeys, and are endemic to the island.

As we drove past, the tree was teeming with monkeys, and the driver had to stop the car as [...]

De Nos Jours On Recommence

De nos jours on recommence les efforts surnaturels, On se creuse le cerveau pour rebatir la tour de Babel, Pour aller jusqu’a la lune meme a Mars si tout va bien, On depense des fortunes, la ou on trouve les moyens!

REFRAIN: Nous depasserons la lune, la planete Mars aussi, A travers la voie lactee [...]