October 4th: 4 for 999

So, what do you do in the night time and on weekends for entertainment when you are tired of watching TV shows, being on the computer, or reading?

Well, Barb thought it might be fun to pick up some 1000 piece puzzles at the local discount store.  With her friend Ellen in from Honduras, it was […]

October 3rd: Low Attendance Record at the Nim Jay…

Every school celebrates Children’s Day on October 1st. In fact, there are huge celebrations in schools, neighborhoods, and communities all over Guatemala.

One of our employee’s children were even invited to the United Nations to participate in their activities and celebrations!

Because October 1 was a Saturday, schools commemorated this event on Monday October 3rd. In el […]

October 2nd: Church “Service”

How far would you go to attend a church service?

Every Sunday, Los Olivos has church services in the Mano con Mano feeding center. 25-30 people attend these weekly services, with the exception of the first Sunday of each month, when these people head out to Sumpango to partake in communion with the Los Olivos congregation.

Bus […]

October 1st: We’ve Got Mail!!!

It took a little while but we finally received our first letters in the mail! YAY!


There’s nothing like getting a letter or postcard from loved ones. And get this: a couple of packets of butter chicken sauce made it through customs!!!

AND… friends of ours in Costa Rica moved to Guatemala recently, and they […]

September 30th: Albendazole Day

Albendazole is a drug used for the effective treatment of a variety of worm infestations, including roundworms and tapeworms. The people of el Yalu are at risk to have any of these infestations, due to a variety of reasons: eating undercooked food, dirty hands, contaminated water, etc.

Twice a year, the ministry distributes Albendazole to the […]

FYI: Useful Label Warning #1

Some labels and their warnings are just plain silly. Come on! A can of Planters nuts that warns you that this package contains nuts?? DUH!

Our friends purchased some spices in a local supermarket and the ingredient label was pretty clear that it was to be used specifically to enhance your food’s flavor.

But check this out. […]

September 29th: “Burro”cracy

If you do not have a permanent resident status in Guatemala, you need to renew your visas every 3 months. What is nice is that we do not need to physically leave the country for the 72 hours period every 3 months. We have the option to renew the visa at the downtown immigration office, […]

FYI: Trompos Sweeping the Village!!!!

Some toys or games do not go out of style. How long has Scrabble been around? Jacks? Monopoly? Hula hoops!!??

Tops have hit the village and just about every kid has one. At least those with parents who can afford to buy them one. (One top costs $.50.)

There is an art to throwing one down, and […]

September 28th: Eccentric Artists In The Waiting…

Give an aspiring artist some materials and you could get a work of art right? Look at Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso as examples.

In el Yalu, we encourage the students to express their artistic talents with various crafts, etc. We also teach them how to be responsible and respect the center’s property (NO writing […]

September 28th: Ping Pong

The middle school students have had fun this year learning new sports and/or activities in either their public school in Sumpango or in the MCM homework club.

When we heard that they were learning how to play ping pong, we went out and purchased an inexpensive set (net, racquets, and balls) to help them learn hands […]