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November 3rd: Answered Prayers

Over three months ago, we asked the students what they needed to improve their chances of success continuing their education. We wrote the kids’ answers on a whiteboard, and realized that many of them were ‘dreaming small’. We explained that we should not limit God. What seems impossible for/to us is not for Him.

That [...]

November 2nd: Kite Day el Yalu Style

Soooo…it’s not quite like Sumpango but man oh man do these kids ever have fun flying a kite down the main road. Good times!

November 2nd: Día de Los Muertos

Want to meet many drunk people? All crammed into an outdoor location in full view of anyone and everyone who passes by on the main roads?

Well then…you need to visit el Yalu on November 2nd as numerous townspeople get decked out in weird (creepy) costumes and dance (did we mention drink as well?). One [...]

November 2nd: Mano con Mano Staff Development Day

The past three development days were lead by our legal representative Oscar or an elder from the Sumpango church Los Olivos. Today was a little different as Gerry took the lead…entirely in espanol of course.

Once again, the morning started off with pancakes and Canadian maple syrup. Then the topic of the day: Beliefs, Traditions, [...]

November 2nd: CTEN Visit to el Yalu

CTEN (Commission to Every Nation) is a servant organization which helps missionaries fulfill the unique vision God has given them. Through administrative support they provide accountability and help missionaries get to the field. Through pastoral care they help them remain effective and healthy while in the field.

We have two excellent experienced pastoral care directors [...]

November 1st: Fiambre

A unique annual Guatemalan tradition is to eat fiambre once a year – on November 1st. It is a salad, served chilled, and may be made up from over 7 gazillion ingredients. OK we are exaggerating. But perhaps not as it seems that every family has its own special recipe that is handed down from [...]

November 1st: Día de Los Muertos

Each November 1st, in many Central American countries and other countries around the world, people visit their loved ones’ grave-sites to reminisce about their lives.

The celebration actually takes place on November 1-2 in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints’ Day (NO 01) and All Souls’ Day (NO 02). Sometimes private [...]

November 1st: Fiesta De Los Barriletes

Each November 1st, scores of people come from miles around to visit and/or participate in the annual Fiesta de los Barriletes in Sumpango. The traffic going in is so bad, that we decided to take a chicken bus, then walk to the soccer field. Upon arriving in Sumpango, there was a definite festive feel to [...]

FYI: The Cult of Maximón

In many souvenir/tourist shops around Guatemala and in particular Antigua, there are displays of this “idol” they call Maximón.

While visiting Lake Atitlan with Barb’s parents, there is a village that is renowned for its reverence of Maximón. So we thought we would check it out. Off we went by tuk-tuk to the [...]

October 29th: Say Qué?? Pumpkin Pie???

One of Barb’s favorite pies is pumpkin. (NOT Gerry’s!)

It is hit and miss finding pumpkin pie filling in Guatemala (amongst other comfort foods from back “home”). Hey – wanna make us happy? Come visit us and bring Farmer’s Market Butter Tarts along.

So imagine our surprise when visiting a cake shop in Antigua when [...]