March 11th: HLBC Team at Los Olivos Church

We arrived early today for church services at Iglesia Los Olivos in Sumpango.  Early even by Canadian standards (about 10 minutes).

This allowed us time to introduce the our Canadian church family to our church family in Sumpango as they arrived.

It was the second time a HLBC team has attended a service, the first one being […]

March 10th: Yeah! The Heart Lake Team is Here!

It was so much fun to prepare for the team’s arrival!  When we finally saw them at the airport there were smiles all around (even though they spent a long day traveling).

The team was loaded with many goodies for the week ahead (and after) for the people of Yalu and US!!!  

Shoes for […]

The Art of Coming Home by Craig Storti

We have said goodbye and hello so many times during the past four years that you would think that we’d be used to it by now. The truth is…no. We still struggle whenever we leave the country/culture we are living in (be it the Congo, Costa Rica, or Guatemala) and re-enter our ‘home’ country.

The funny […]

March 07th: Staff Development Day - Self-Esteem

Why not continue with the February theme for the PAIN program, school chats, and youth group right?

The doctor did an excellent job today talking about self-esteem. He found an on-line test that every staff member completed…even himself.


All in all most of the staff have a pretty decent self-esteem and we discussed ways on […]

March 06th: Blood…The Gift of Life

We blogged about our good friends Eluvia and Adonias expecting their first child and attending their baby shower. Eluvia did indeed give birth to a healthy girl however there were serious complications during the deliver. In fact, at one point, she was near death and the doctors did not think she would make it.

Many people […]

FYI: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

As we were driving out of the village one day, we noticed many piles of garbage/leaves burning on the side of the road. At some points the smoke was so thick that it was tough to see in front of you. So what gives?


It seems that the village designate people (women/girls) to sweep the […]

March 06th: Youth Group - What is The Bible?

We returned to the ALPHA Youth material this week and focused on the Bible.
Who wrote it…how old is it…some interesting stories we can read in it…and some fun and quirky facts about it.

The session started with Gerry reading a mushy love letter to Barb, which was making the kids giggle —ALOT!
We then mentioned that the […]

February 28th: Youth Group - Self-Esteem

Today’s lesson started with a good old fashioned relay race, which helped the students blow off some steam before the session started.


This week’s youth group session was different from prior weeks as we took a break from the ALPHA Youth material.

Each month, Mano […]

February 22nd: PAIN Program

The general objectives of the PAIN government program are to guide and support the young adult population in areas of health, nutrition, and early stimulation/education, thus promoting the development of children under six years old in disadvantaged communities.

The local school in el Yalú are participating […]

FYI: How Safe is This???

Check out this picture. The vehicle was traveling at 80 kms an hour on a busy highway heading into Guatemala City…

Enough said.