November 23rd: Cherish

Cherish is located approximately 40 kms outside of Kampala on this wild and wacky dirt road on the way to the international airport. This village community provides family unit homes specifically for HIV/AIDS orphans.

We met with the country director Rachel, who just happens to be Canadian (woot woot!). She shared how Cherish is a faith based child focused NGO. They have a passion for children, and strive to have them enjoy their childhood, through proper care, love, education and medication, so that they can live as long as possible and have a hope for the future that will lead other generations who suffer with the stigma of having HIV/AIDS. 


What as really neat to see, was the amount of planning and thought that went into their family homes.  All equiped with as much ecologically friendly equipment as possible, as well as the amount of high tech items used to create long term sustainability.  From compost toilets, to rain water sand filters, to recycled water for irrigation, to maintaining crops with cows providing milk and manure to fertilize an organic farm, which will become a microfinance project to help regulate income.. etc etc… It was really an amazing place, full of hope.


 The picture of this very unique tree, comes with a really neat story, so be sure to ask us when we are back home!

For more information on Cherish, visit their website: