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FYI: Poised to Corner The Market…

In Uganda, or the Congo for that matter, the cell phone ‘plans’ are quite different from what we are used to in North America. Instead of having contracts or agreements, you purchase your phone, preferably from a reliable and trustworthy dealer, and then you purchase your ‘air time’ through these tickets that everyone and his sister sells.We are not kidding. You can be driving your car in heavy traffic and as you are stopped or slowly moving air time vendors pop out of nowhere and bombard your car trying to sell you air time slips. It is insane. Especially when you factor in that numerous other vendors who are trying to sell their wares as well, be it tennis racket mosquito zappers, maps of uganda, shoes, belts, premiership football lawn chairs, well you get the picture.There are also booths and kiosks anywhere and everywhere that will sell you air time. Vendors will do ANYTHING to get a leg up on the competition. Check out this guy’s booth. He is poised to corner the market on this stretch of lonely beach along the lake.